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Entering the woods for the first time is a magical experience but not a Spartan one. Yes we are off grid, so no microwaves, wifi’s or hairdryers, but you will not be roughing it.


Our tTented Kitchenented kitchen seats 12 -15 people in comfort, has a waist high wood fired hearth and a clay oven. The kitchen is supplied with the basics such as rice, pasta, cereals, jams, vegetables, bread and milk.

During courses our resident cook creates a wonderful vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea with home made cakes.

If you are staying over a weekend we generally have a pizza party on Saturday night with students collectively cooking a meal on other evenings.Oven Fresh

 We welcome and cater for all diets and special dietary needs can be accommodated for, with some notice. Whilst welcoming vegetarians and vegans we do have carnivores amongst our ranks and will frequently have venison, rabbit and pigeon as an alternative meal.


 Breakfast is a help yourself affair from the plentiful supplies including fresh eggs, if the chickens are performing.

If you want some luxuries such as crisps, beer or meat please bring some with you  - perhaps to share.



On longer courses it may be nice to push the boat out a little e.g. one of our volunteers often brings a shoulder of lamb, which we cook all day, for a delicious supper.


Mains water is piped into the kitchen which is ok to drink whilst other taps in loo’s, shower etc should only be used for bathing and washing hands.

Shower & Sauna



We have a cabin which contains a changing area and shower which is wood fired and wonderful to experience, a bush bath surrounded by a living willow wall which you can fire up and a sauna (see left).







The shower cabin also has an outside sink, but under cover, for a quick wash.





Most of our courses are run from our tented workshops. The main workshop is some 60ft x 20ft and will accommodate 10 shave horses and 6 pole lathes. With the eaves at around 5ft from the ground this shelter keeps all, but horizontal rain off your work!

 Since this picture (top left) was taken we have added our wonderful round house workshop which give additional space for assembly and a couple of pole lathes and a Bowl lathe.

Round House





Our small campsite is level, grassed and free to paying students. Other guests are £7 per night for bed and breakfast.


Grass Cabin

There are two log cabins available, a fixed double and a double which can be 2 singles if Log Burnerneeded. They each have a wood burner to keep you warm (but you must chop your own wood!) and candles for light. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags, pillows whilst torches and lanterns can be useful. 

The cabins are £20 per night, which is a room rate.


Loo's with Views

We have two compost loo’s, with fabulous views! - one just off the main track which is accessible to all with the other being in a tree house Loo Viewaccessible by a causeway.

The loos work on separation of liquids which are sent to a reed bed and the solids which are composted to feed the trees.


This may not be glamping , but it’s certainly not roughing it.

Pubs with rooms

The Catherine Wheel
, The High Street, 
SN14 8LR
Tel : 01225 892 220

The Lord Nelson Inn,
1 & 2 High Street, 
, SN14 8LP
01225 891 820

Alternative campsite

There is a woodland campsite within half a mile of the course venue with good facilities and space for caravans.

Rocks East Woodland
Tel: 01225 852518

Bed and Breakfast

Details to follow soon

Holiday Cottages

Nailey Cottages in St. Catherine's Valley nearby are very comfortably appointed holiday cottages in a beautiful scenic farm setting, which may be ideal for small groups and those attending longer courses. Rates may be viewed on their web site.

Brett Gardner
Tel/Fax: 01225 852989
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site:


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